We Want To JV With You. We Have A Huge Pool Of Buyers And Need Your Deal!

If you are an Investor or wholesaler and you have a deal that you want to move fast then talk to us! Sell My House Fast Dallas has a huge list of buyers all over. Not just in Dallas. Click Here To Partner With Us.


Here is what we need from you:

    1. Please have the property under contract with the owner of the property before you submit deal to us. We need you to be comfortable throughout the whole process and as long as you have the contract then you should not have any doubts.
    2. Please have pictures of the property. The more the better. We will pass these along to our buyers so that they get a general idea of the condition of the property. Make sure to get the roof, HVAC system, Electrical panel, Hot water heater, any damages throughout the house as well as Kitchen, Bathrooms and Flooring.
    3. Let us know if the property is occupied or vacant.
    4. Let’s Get Your Deal Sold


All profits are split 50/50 unless we have discussed otherwise.

We know that if you are just getting started then you have many questions and/or fears on how things work throughout the process. Don’t worry! When you partner with us — we will guide you through the deal. We will update you each step of the way.

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